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How to find us?

While driving along the coastal road (Jadranska magistrala) in the Šibenik - Knin County, You will reach the village called Podorljak. After short drive, You will see a small T-intersection. On that intersection make a turn towards Ražanj (marked by the street sign). Continue driving approx. 3 km (no turning from the main road), till You reach the village Dvornice. In Dvornice there is another T-intersection with street sign showing right to Ražanj. After You took the turn right on that intersection, continue driving straight (passing Kalebova Luka and Uvala Ljoljinica on the right hand) till You reach Uvala Mezaroca, than turn once more right. Our Aparthotel eM Ka street signs will assist You after You reach Dvornice.

By Plane

There are 9 airports in Croatia. Regular flights are introduced in almost all international airports and the share of foreign visitors arriving by plane has increased. Split Airport is the second largest in terms of passenger numbers. The largest regional air company is Croatia Airlines , but also other airline companies like Easyjet, Germanwings, Ryanair, Flyonair fly to Croatia.

By Car

In order to enter and travel through Croatia by car you need: a valid driving licence, car registration card and an insurance green card. You can find all information about traffic and roads at Croatian Auto Club. If You choose to travel by highway, prices are published at Croatian Highways Payments on the toll gate can be made in cash or by credit card. You can also pay in foreign currencies, according to daily exchange rate of Privredna banka Zagreb.

By Bus

Regular international bus lines connect Croatia and Split, with many Central European cities. From the bus terminal in Split or Šibenik You can take a bus to Ražanj. More information about bus transport and timetables can be found at Bus terminal Split.

By Train

The railway network connects all major Croatian cities except Dubrovnik. For more information about traveling by train in Croatia, visit Croatian Railways.

By Ship or Ferryboat

The Split ferry port is Croatia's largest passenger port. During the tourist season there are nearly 50 ferry departures a day. Regarding the international traffic, Split is connected with the ports of Bari, Ancona and Pescara in Italy. Information about the ferry and shipping lines can be found at Jadolinija, Blueline Farries, Snav.

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